Howling Hills Zingers

We are Howling Hills Organic Farm from beautiful North Idaho. We have sold our produce to local chefs since 2006.

During 2020, COVID 19 stopped all sales to our regular customers. We decided to dry all our cherry tomato crop which was our main product. We have dried them in the past with excellent results. They have always been a family favorite and store well.

This year we have enhanced our recipe to include a drop of Sriracha sauce on each tomato half. All cherries have a sprinkle of our own dried Basil, granulated Garlic and Pink Himalayan salt. Most have Sriracha but we also made some without the hot stuff for those who prefer no heat.

Every batch of Zingers is made exactly the same. Tomatoes are picked fresh at peak sunlight then rinsed in tepid water and put on a large baking sheet to air dry. Each tomato is then de-stemmed and sliced in half on the stem axis for consistency. Each half is put on the dryer rack with sliced side up so all the spices stay in place. We get about ten pounds fresh in the dryer which makes about one pound of dried tomatoes. It takes about 24 hours to dry a batch. 

Why Should I Try Zingers?

>First and foremost, this product is seasonal. We have a 30 to 60 day window for picking and processing. We pick every day once the season starts and pick until a good frost brings everything to a halt. This year our season was about 45 days but we had several days of no picking because of cold rainy weather.

>This product is unique. We invite you to find seasoned dried cherry tomatoes anywhere for sale at a reasonable price(let us know if you do!). Each batch requires considerable labor and time. We are retired oldies with lots of time on our hands. Our labor is more about love than money.

>Zingers are an incredibly delicious, healthy snack with a little kick of heat as the final thrill.

>Cherry tomatoes are loaded with nutrition. They have plenty of Vitamin A, C, Potassium and Lycopene. 

>When eaten as a snack the flavors take a short time to develop. Our dried cherry tomatoes are chewy. One is never enough.

>They can be re-constituted by adding to sauces and soups, and tossed in the crock pot for added flavor.

>Zingers make an excellent addition to salads.

>For an awesome pizza topping, add a few for enhanced tomato flavor.

> Mix a few Zingers in melted chocolate and drop nuggets on waxed paper, etc for a sweet and spicy treat.

We were certified Organic in the early days. We opted out of certification when the paperwork took over. We grow exactly the same as always and our customers are fine with no certification. We have grown organically for almost 50 years.

We are selling our Zingers by the ounce, minimum purchase 3 oz. We use vacuum packaging for storage and all shipments. We will ship all orders within a business day of receiving your order. 
Please contact us at our Email address if you are interested in purchasing our dried cherry tomatoes.